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A recent article in the Mail and Sun newspaper (Nairobi) mentioned Joanna Mabuni, a South African escort who specializes in exotic locales. She is described as a ‘Curvy blonde’ and a ‘larger-than-life’. Mabuni’s profile states that she has been working in Africa for the past 18 years. Mabuni describes herself as a ‘larger-than-life’ African woman who enjoys drinking, parties, and event photography. Despite this, she continues to receive death threats and abuse via email and on the telephone.

As an independent escort, I can say that Joanna Mabuni is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world. From her pictures on her website, one can see how the light shines off her face and the long dark hair that is not hidden by the vibrant color of her lips and hair. The beautiful dark skin, however, concealing the tender facial skin beneath, is what makes her so endearing. This woman has probably saved more than enough of her own money to take her own holiday every year, and would not risk her safety for any reason whatsoever.

South Africa Escort Agencies

One of the best things about South Africa as an escort agency is that most of the people you will come across here are genuinely helpful. In my two months of working as an escort with Mabuni the only times, I have felt threatened by her is when one of the other escorts saw that I was not sleeping in the house (something I am legally obliged to do). Mabuni and I have a good relationship due to the honesty and trust that we both have shown each other throughout our escorts together. Most South African women have an honest and open character, which goes a long way towards making them appealing as a client to any reputable and established escort agency in the country.

When I booked my trip to Johannesburg in early October, my travel agent suggested that I check out the South African independent escort services first. I had only heard good things about them so I decided to go ahead with this recommendation. On arriving in Johannesburg I checked out the independent escort directory first to see what kind of service options were available in terms of the kind of ladies I was looking for to accompany my boyfriend on his business trip. Most of the escort services that were mentioned in the independent escort directory fell into one of the categories described below:

Escort Agency in South Africa

The Curvy Blonde: This is the most popular type of escort that is actively sought after by many women desiring to experience the exotic curvy blonde men of Africa. A well-built, strong curvy blonde female is alluring to many men in Africa and as such, there is strong popularity for escorts who have this type of physical appeal. Most of the women seeking these escorts will arrive at the airport with a fully-formed suitcase ready to head straight to the client’s hotel.

The Skinny: These escorts are usually single and do not have much baggage. These are the type of women who may come from the bigger cities of Africa or from abroad. They often carry nothing but their clothing and a small suitcase. They do not usually have very many friends or family with them as they may be an individualistic person and prefer to make their own connections within the larger African community. The beauty of these escorts is that they can travel alone and without much disruption to their daily life allowing them to live a much more stress-free lifestyle.

Escort Agency in South Africa

The Tall and Thin: This type of escort are usually those that are in their mid-twenties and are heavily built. They are tall and lean with dark skin and a trimmed neckline. These types of escorts do their jobs well because they can stand out in a crowd and still look great! Most of the time the clients that use them also have a degree or diploma of some sort. This allows them to easily fit in with bigger groups and not have to worry about not being able to communicate effectively with the other clients.

Escort South Africa has plenty of choices for women choosing to enter the profession of escort. No matter what your reason for choosing to become an escort, South Africa has plenty of work for you! The opportunities are many and the pay is excellent. You will enjoy meeting new people and helping to relieve their daily frustrations and worries. In the end, you will realize that becoming an escort is a fantastic choice and one that has plenty of rewards.

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