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The most famous Russian escort, Irina, is well known throughout the world and has been portrayed in films, theatre plays, and TV serials. This talented woman who loves her profession runs her own agency. She meets an unhappy young man, Anatoly, in a bar, The Cheval Club. He is from a wealthy family and works as an engineer. He had promised to pay her large amounts of money for helping to get him out of a building that he had fallen from.

Irina takes an immediate interest in Anatoly, inviting him to spend the night with her at her apartment. While there she tells him about how she is going to make his perfect ‘entertainment’, which involves anal sex, for the first time. Although Anatoly initially resists, Irina persuades him and gives him the number of a Russian escort agency.

Russia Escort Agencies

The next day, Irina goes to the agency Russia, finds a number of pretty young men waiting for her. One of them is her former student Anatoly who had promised to help her leave her boyfriend and live a more responsible life. Although he doesn’t have the money, Irina gets him to translate money for her from Eastern Europe, so that she can afford to buy herself some real good lingerie. Once she gets paid, the two of them go to a private yacht. They spend the whole day on the yacht enjoying their time together.

When evening comes, Irina and Anatoly are escorted off the yacht by the rich young man. On the way to the airport, Anatoly thanks Irina for the money and they both exchange gifts (anal sex not included). The following day, they go back to the Cheval Club, where Anatoly expresses to Irina his fear of exposing his identity to the wrong crowd if he is caught associating with ordinary girls. He wants to be with a real courtesan like her, someone who will understand him and care about him, someone like Irina.

Escort Agency in Russia

After explaining the reasons for his visit, Irina gives Anatoly some time to think about what it means to be an escort in the future. She tells him that she has spent three years studying the ways of a courtesan in Russia. She knows how to tease and tantalize men, but she has never tried anal sex, and she hasn’t even tried receiving oral sex yet. Since she isn’t Russian, and since she is an American, she isn’t allowed to try out her new skills on anyone else.

Now that Anatoly has finally consented to have anal sex with her, Irina has given him his present. An all-encompassing dame, she greets Anatoly before he enters the room. Irina leads Anatoly directly into her private quarters, while she keeps talking to him in Russian. After several minutes, Anatoly finds himself jumping on her, and she immediately stops kissing him.

Irina tells Anatoly that she likes to use toys on her clients, so she has one in her private quarters. She then gets down on her knees, pinches her nipples, and plays with her buttocks. While all this is going on, Anatoly is getting turned on by the courtesan. Irina even tells him she has an orgasm through anal sex and will give him one when he reaches climax.

An Escort Agency From Russia

When he is finally done, Anatoly thanks Irina and they part on good terms. Irina informs Anatoly that since he chose her for an escort job, she must be happy. They part on friendly terms and makeup. As they leave, Irina tells Anatoly that she thinks she looks very sexy tonight. When they get back inside the limo, Anatoly tells Irina that she really likes giving men pleasure, but does not think it would be wise to make love to her in public.

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