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Q: I’m starting an Escort Agency in Portland, Oregon. What can be involved? What documentation do I need to obtain from the state? Thank you. Best regards.

A: There are a few prerequisites when starting an Escort Agency in Portland, OR. First of all, you need to be licensed with the Department of Licensing and Regulation (DLR). Second of all, you need to have all of your payroll and accounting details set up with the State. Once those are done, you will be ready to get started on your business plan, as it pertains to what kind of Escort Services you’ll offer.

Portland Escort Agencies

In order to set up your business properly, you’ll need to have a complete Escort Agency Business License Application. Most likely, if you are running your business as a sole proprietorship, you will be required to also fill out an Operating Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Statement, and/or a Franchise Waiver Application. If you are opening an LLC, you will still need a tax identification number. However, you may also choose to utilize a separate state tax ID number for your business. As always, we recommend you get professional assistance for such matters.

When you are prepared to open up shop, you will need to have a list of all of your past clients. These should include both the names and addresses of the escorts and their contact information. It’s also very important to get copies of any certifications or licenses that you currently hold. Licenses can range from a Class C motor driver’s permit to a CPR certification, just to name a few.

From here, you will need to generate a business plan. This should cover not only your intent for your business but how you intend to run it and what documentation you will need to back it up. You should also consider creating a logbook of all of your outgoing transportation costs. The logbook will help you keep track of mileage and expense, and can be a priceless asset when you seek funding for your business venture. Not only will it give you the chance to prove to potential funding sources that you are solvent, but it will also show them what you have been through in order to get where you are today.

Escort Agency in Portland

If you are seeking to hire drivers, there are many agencies available to you. Each one specializes in certain types of escorts. You will need to be sure you find an agency that serves your specific needs. Some common types of services include medical transport, escort and luggage services, and much more. Determine what type of escorts you are looking for, and what kind of agency fits your needs best.

When you are ready to start advertising, it is important to get the word out about your business. The easiest way to do this is to post fliers around town, and set up some tables at coffee shops or local restaurants. Offer to take phone calls for free as well. These are just a few ways to promote your business without spending any money on advertising. When you start talking to people, you will get an idea of which kinds of escorts they are interested in hiring.

How To Start An Escort Agency Portland

You will be surprised by how quickly you can build up a client list for these types of businesses. Once you have established yourself, you will have a stable customer base that is always open to suggestions and ideas for things to do. When you have an understanding of the market, you will know just what kinds of activities are going to bring in business and can plan your business with more confidence.

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