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Phoenix escort service can be the difference in a wonderful couple’s life. Not that long ago I had a friend who was moving to Arizona from Connecticut with hopes of starting a new life there. The whole point of her move was to get away from Connecticut for a few months and enjoy the culture, friends, and scenery in Arizona. Unfortunately her heart was not in it, and she ended up having a very difficult time settling into this great state.

I’ve known her for years, so I knew how much she hated Arizona. Even if she had gotten married here she still wouldn’t have had a big fancy house and everything else we’re accustomed to. So when she called me up to see if I could help her out, I was thrilled. I knew exactly what she was looking for: a great Phoenix escort agency with a cute, sexy, and flirty phoenix woman on its staff. And I was glad to help her out.

Phoenix Escort Agencies

One of the first things she said was she wanted a sexy, little sassy Phoenix escort agency girl that could make her husband happy. She specifically said she wanted a blonde a little short (a redhead maybe?) and a big heart. She specifically mentioned some of the things she was looking for and her description of her ideal employee. It turns out she wasn’t alone; I had noticed a lot of people like that.

So after talking to my friend and her boyfriend I set out to do a bit of homework on my own. And I did find that not all people want the same thing in an employee. A lot of people want someone with a simple style, someone that they can feel comfortable around. And of course, almost every gorgeous blonde woman wants a male that is confident and capable, so here are a few more facts I uncovered while doing my research. There are some pretty good Phoenix escort agencies that fit this description:

We know that the most popular type of Phoenix escorts are those that are blonde, redheads, and have a nice, simple style. But if we’re going to look at all of the cities in the United States, we can also look at other popular colors. Black and Hispanic drivers are usually great with Phoenix truck drivers (although I wouldn’t take one of them home with me; I’m on vacation! ).

I went to Los Angeles. There aren’t very many really good agencies there; most of them are very cheap and they don’t have any female employees. However, there is one really good agency downtown that let us know they have several blondes working for them; I can’t remember who it was but it was a female who worked with some really attractive men (she looked a bit like Brad Pitt!). That agency allowed me to meet them and get a free photograph set up, so I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Escort Agency in Phoenix

In Tempe, Arizona there is an agency by the name of “PHX escorts”. It seems that the majority of their clients are women who have had a sex offender’s past, and most of them are blondes with red hair (they dress accordingly). Their website says that they specialize in serving “all lifestyles”, but don’t really define anything else for their clients. From what I read, it looks like they have pretty normal jobs as a live-in nanny, but I can’t verify that.

So, as you can see, it’s important to pick a reliable Phoenix escort service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Phoenix or Scottsdale. You want to go out with someone who loves their life, loves meeting new people, and just wants to make your dates as fun and enjoyable as possible. If you’re in Tempe, AZ, head to “PHX escorts” or “HRR dot com” to learn more about the beautiful features of Ariana and Mercedes. You’re sure to have a great time!

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