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Many people think that setting up an escort agency is a lot like opening a hair salon or massage parlor. In other words, it's easy to run one if you've done it before. In fact, thousands upon thousands of individuals attempt to open up an escort agency every year. But the best successful individuals are those who have previously been escorts themselves A hair salon has a set of specific clientele they cater to. Usually, the clients are women who visit salons to get their hair done. An escort agency on the other hand caters to men and women seeking companionship or even a serious relationship. Although there may be some overlap in the types of clients involved, the two business models are still fairly different. And so the question becomes, "What type of escort agency do you want to run?" So what types of clients are good to work with? The answer is simple. Very good escorts are male escorts. Very good escorts are married men. Very good escorts are college students. Very good escorts are disabled, handicapped, or old. Of course, these aren't the only types of people who use escorts. There are many others such as businessmen, lawyers, delivery people, etc. But the vast majority of those who use an escort agency to make money are male. And that's the way it should be. What makes a good escort agency? A good escort agency thrives on its commitment to diversity and professionalism. It's important to know that not all legitimate escort agencies serve all kinds of clients. For example, not all businesses use escorts who are only interested in sex. There are also escort agencies that advertise their services only to men who want to make money. This kind of clientele is called "semi prostitutes" or "date whores." Many people think that all escorts are strictly interested in sex work. However, not all people who seek an escort will actually do so for sex. Some people use escorts to help them "feel good" about themselves without having to do anything else. These are the same clients who regularly use online dating sites and e-mail to communicate with potential dates. So an agency that advertises itself as serving "both" people who want love and those who are looking for easy ways to make money isn't necessarily offering a service that caters to everyone.

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When you're trying to find a legitimate and reputable escort agency that helps people like you to meet people like you, there are a few things you should look for. First, look for agencies that don't require a background check (e.g., no credit checks, no background reports, and no criminal history check). Second, look for an agency that doesn't charge an upfront fee. Don't even consider an agency that wants money upfront! Agencies who require money upfront are probably just trying to scam you. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, never go on a date with an escort agency or a "date couple" whom you've met through an agency. Most public reputation associations prohibit "date couples" from advertising themselves as escorts, and they will take action against these agencies if they aren't acting in an ethical manner. Never give anyone you've dated any information about yourself or your private life, even if you think they're going to be helpful to you. Now that you know the basic guidelines for finding a reliable and reputable escort agency, you can start contacting various ones and learning more about them. Some escort agencies are local, and you may not even have to leave your home to find one that suits your needs. Other escorts are national and can be found by searching online. And some larger agencies operate exclusively online, so you can search for and find sex workers anywhere in the world! The main thing you need to keep in mind while working with an escort agency is that the prices are usually based upon the number of dates the client wants to use their services, and they don't charge extra fees for extra dates. The most common types of arrangements include "dates only" and "escort services only." A "dates only" package will include the customer meeting up with an escort at a specific location, and then paying a set amount (usually a fixed amount per hour) to use that location on a specific date. An "escort services only" package involves the client meeting with an escort at two or more selected locations and then paying the designated fee for each of those locations individually. Generally speaking, "date only" packages are cheaper than "escort services only" packages. Any time you're trying to find a legitimate and reputable company to provide you with exotic escorts, you should consider hiring an experienced and reliable internet search engine to locate a list of legitimate and reputable escort agencies. You can do this on your own, but there's nothing wrong with using a search engine because you won't know where to look! Just be sure that when you're doing business with an escort agency, you always let the agency owner know what type of deal you're entering into - and never agree to something without reading it in its entirety!

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What should I do now that an escort agency near me wants to hire a homemaker companion? Should I decline? Or, should I go ahead and take the job? Here's one option: Call the company. Ask them why they want to hire a homemaker and ask to speak to one of their representatives. Explain that you were asked out on a job and have accepted it on the spot. Tell them you can't give any information away because you haven't signed any contracts with them yet. Agree to work as an escort for the company. Agree to pick the companion up at the designated location and to pick her back to the designated location by a certain date. Agree to be discreet and to keep the identity of the companion a secret until the job is done. Agree that if the companion becomes abusive or refuses to do the job, that you will report the activity to authorities. Go to the job. Dress as if you are going on a date. Offer your services to the company. Agree that upon completion of the job you will pay the cost of the service, which typically includes pick-up and drop-off fees. Agree to work exclusively with this company for a period of time. Tell them you will consider other jobs in the future. Pick up the companion at the specified location. Drive the companion to your home. Remain there and do not go anywhere until they tell you they are ready to leave. Do not allow them to enter your home. Have someone accompany you at all times to protect you and keep the companion safe. Take the companion to your hotel room. Get ready to act as a pimp once they get to your hotel room. Act as if you are already tired and just want to have fun. Once you and your companion have had some fun, ask them to meet you in a public place in the evening.

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When the companion arrives, tell them to wait beside you. Act as if nothing is wrong and that you need to have a little alone time. Do not discuss what happened with anyone. Have them meet you in the public place that you planned so that you can discuss what happened. Wear something sexy that will make you stand out. Wear something comfortable so that it is not too noticeable. When the companion arrives, follow them. Go up to the bar and order an alcoholic beverage. Ask them if they know anyone that could use a companion like you and they will think of you. Go up to the companion and start kissing them good night. Don't forget the other guys. Kiss the guy next to you and tell him to wait. You could also offer your arm or hold his arm so that he will come with you. The more people that come with you, the better it will look for you and for the guy that you are trying to attract. Make sure that your companion knows what is going on. You will not be happy if he does not know what is happening. If he tries to stop you from going somewhere, tell them no. Once you get to your destination do not allow them to hold you from getting there either. You need to remember who is paying for this trip. If you let the gentleman you are going out with know that you are going to the club, he will call you and wait for you there. If he does not get the call that he expected, he may try to find someone else to go with you. Your companion will be greatly disappointed if you do not go out with him. If you are going to a club, consider bringing along your friends. If you let the gentleman you are dating know that you have a male companion with you, he will be very appreciative. He may even offer you a job after the date. You will make a great couple if you work together to plan an escort agency near you. It will be the best introduction that you can give to all of your new buddies.